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 What Is the Pathway Coverage Checklist and How Can It Help You to Find Hidden Gaps in Your Insurance Protection? 

My name is Jack Thomas.  As one of the owners of Pathway Insurance I would like to share with you why it’s important to not assume something is automatically covered by your insurance.

And at the same time I would also like to share with you an important service we offer to our policyholders that can help you discover the hidden gaps in your insurance protection.

The first step necessary to discover potential gaps in your insurance protection is to dismiss the belief that insurance policies provide universal protection for every possible event.

The second necessary step is to realize that insurance policies are not identical between companies and there can be significant differences in coverage even if the limits of liability and deductibles are the same!

A well-known company had been running advertisements on television stating that insurance coverage is identical between companies, with the only difference being the price you pay.

This is absolutely not true and misleading.

Insurance coverage can differ from company to company by means of the fine print in the insuring agreement. 

For example did you know that one insurance company excludes coverage if an unlicensed driver operates your car even without your permission and wrecks it?

Yet another insurance company may cover the accident!

What about homeowners insurance?

Did you know some companies automatically exclude coverage to personal property damaged because of a sewer backup claim despite the fact you may have endorsed on your policy a water back rider?

Other insurance companies will extend coverage to personal property damaged by a sewer back up claim.

This is Why You Can’t Assume Coverage is Identical Between Companies.

Our coverage checklist will take you step-by-step through a number of different situations or scenarios that are not usually discussed by insurance agents or company personnel when you buy insurance direct.

A cheap price on insurance without any advice can be detrimental to your financial situation at claims time.

This is Why You Should Choose Pathway Insurance:

If you decide to allow our agency to care for your insurance we will provide the Pathway Coverage Checklist to you at no cost that identifies over 60 different common gaps in insurance protection that you might not even be aware of.

Any potential gap in coverage could cost you tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Call today to discuss your need and learn why we are the best agency to care for your insurance needs.

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