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Why did I get a Rate Increase?

The standard insurance line is that the company is experiencing higher than average claims.  Is this true?   It is, but how is it possible that one company is raising rates while another is lowering rates?

In one word, competition!

The insurance industry is very competitive and because of this reason insurance underwriters are constantly developing new insurance programs to attract what they believe will be the most profitable clients to their company.

I call this insurance pricing technique the Bait, Catch, and Switch Insurance Pricing Model. ™ 

Many of us have probably heard the term bait and switch; How does bait and switch work for insurance?

Step 1–  Insurance companies bait the water with cheap insurance rates by developing a new program.

Step 2 –  Insurance companies catch new customers as they buy new insurance policies.

Step 3 –  Insurance companies increase (switch) prices because claims are more than anticipated.

This is exactly how every insurance company operates without any exception. 

Insurance companies lower prices to gain customers and later raise prices because they underestimated how much they pay in claims and they hope you either didn’t notice the rate increase or you are simply too busy to do anything about it by shopping around.

Because companies lower rates and then raise rates later we developed a special service for clients of our agency.

We Have Developed a Re-Shopping Service For All Clients. 

As soon as your renewal declaration is issued by your insurance company and we notice your premiums have increased by 10% or more, we will automatically shop around for new insurance rates.

Or if  you would like us to shop around for new rates at any time call our office and speak with one of our licensed staff. We will gladly shop the market to learn if lower prices are possible.

Why Is This An Important Service For Our Policyholders? 

This service save you money and time. You can spend hours or even days of time shopping around for insurance. (How fun is that?)

As a leading independent insurance agency we have access to top insurers offering insurance in the area and when you receive that inevitable price increase we can help you find companies offering lower rates.

That is our promise to you and that is why you should seriously consider allowing our agency to care for your insurance needs.

Why not call us today to learn how you can take advantage of this exclusive service provided by our agency Pathway Insurance.

Our office number is 513-662-7000 or toll free 1-800-998-0662.