Pathway Protection Letter

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They say that knowledge is power.  This is certainly the case with insurance.  Each year hundreds of thousands of complaints are filed against insurance companies annually!  Are you surprised by those statistics?

Did you know the majority of those complaints are based on claim denials by insurance companies?

In a previous post we discussed how the Pathway Coverage Checklist identifies more than 60 different common gaps in insurance protection.

The Pathway Protection Letter takes it further by discussing coverage scenarios policyholders may find themselves in that could result in a claims denial by insurance companies.

Many Insurance Buyers Only Have a Vague Understanding About the Insurance Policies They Buy.

We developed the Pathway Protection Letter for this very reason.

The Pathway Protection Letter is a bi-weekly newsletter designed to help our clients understand the specific reasons why insurance companies issue claim denials.  Our Protection Letter shows you where to find this information in your insurance policy.

Additionally we provide advice on how to avoid claim denials in the first place.

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