Pathway Claims Advocacy Program

Claims Advocacy Program -How Can It Help You as a Client of Our Agency?

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A claims advocate is someone standing up for your rights as a policyholder and not necessarily an attorney.

Many policyholders threaten to file lawsuits against insurance companies when claims settlements don’t go their way only to find out the cost of an attorney is more than the collectible benefits.

You might presume your agent will help you if an insurance company is being uncooperative. But the simple fact is that many insurance agents and company representatives will not help you in any way if there is an issue or problem with a claim even if it is not your fault.

For example a client of our agency, Jamie Bettis, owns a local medical company providing X-Ray services.  One of his medical trucks and equipment was destroyed by a teen driver who was texting and driving.

Jamie filed the claim with the other insurance company to quickly learn they were not willing to provide sufficient coverage to compensate him for his damages incurred.

This well-known company advertising almost nonstop on television in Ohio was low balling the claim by thousands of dollars.

They were refusing to settle unless he accepted their offer. Essentially a take it or leave it proposition.

Jamie contacted us because he was very angry and frustrated. He felt as if he was being cheated by the insurance company.

Losing his medical truck and his equipment placed him in a bad situation.

How We Helped Our Policyholder with This Claim.

As soon as we became involved in his claim with the other company, we successfully negotiated a larger settlement and Jamie was reimbursed in full for his loss.

Regrettably it had to take our direct intervention by means of our Claims Advocacy Program to force the insurance company to pay what they should have paid in the very first place.

This insurance company is not unlike other insurance companies seeking to minimize what they pay for claims. Such low balling of claim payments is in the best interests of the insurance company but obviously not in your best interest.

Why Should You Choose Our Agency For Your Insurance Needs?

Imagine for just a moment this claim happened to you and the insurance company was offering you a settlement thousands of dollars less than what you knew you deserved.

Also imagine for just a moment the attorney fees would cost more than any additional fees you could hope to collect.

What would you do if you needed to fight an insurance company on your own?

Who do you think would win this fight in most instances?

This is why our claims advocacy program is such an important service.

If you are not yet a policyholder of our agency, why not give us a call?

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