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Cleveland Landlord InsuranceDid You Get a Rate Increase on Your Cleveland Landlord Insurance Policies? 

If so you are not alone!  Many insurance companies are raising prices dramatically on Cleveland landlord insurance because of various factors including the most important issue: claims events. 

The biggest contributing factor in setting premium rates for landlord insurance is based on claims activity. 

Companies that have experienced greater than anticipated losses will pass along those additional expenses on to their existing client base. 

What Can You Do to Avoid Increased Expenses Associated with Your Landlord Insurance? 

The very first step is to contact our agency as we have at our disposal a very large number of companies offering landlord insurance packages for single-family, multi-unit residential homes, and apartment building complexes.  If you own apartment building complexes we have markets that are happy to accept section 8 or student housing. 

How We Helped One Policyholder: 

One recent policyholder contacted us and we were able to save them more than $3000 per year on their Ohio landlord insurance without decreasing their coverage.  

Here’s the tricky situation with insurance companies selling insurance to real estate investors. Some insurance companies were more badly affected than others by storm related activity.

Essentially the insurance carriers that did not pay out as much in claim payments are now the companies charging the least amount of money for landlord insurance!

The Step You May Want to Avoid?

Reducing your coverage to save money!   If we’re interested in protecting the biggest investment we own, you may not want to reduce your coverage for the sake of simply saving money on insurance. You may save a small amount now all only to pay out a substantial amount later at claims time!

Why Not Call Us to Receive an Expert Opinion on Your Landlord Insurance in Cleveland?

Our office number is 1-800-998-0662 or 513-662-7000. We like to take an educational approach to providing insurance protection for your real estate needs. Do you need landlord insurance protection in some other area? Click on one of the links below for information on coverage for apartment buildings, single-family units, or multifamily units 4 or less.

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