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Pathway mainly specializes in Business Insurance in the following Industries:

  • Transportation (Owner Operators, Hot Shot, Car Haulers, Dump Trucks, Hazmat)
  • Towing & Road Side Assistance (including repo)
  • Garages
  • Car Dealerships (New and Used)
  • Contractors (All types)
  • Landlord Insurance for Rental Properties (Residential & Commercial)
  • Restaurants

We also offer competitive options for personal insurance throughout the country and you can receive online quotes 24/7 by visiting the below links:

Please note that we do not typically offer Auto Insurance in Cincinnati for drivers without at least 6 months of previous and continuous insurance. (Applies countrywide)

Transportation Insurance – Options and Issues You Need to be Aware of to Find the Best Rates:

Transportation Insurance options include coverage for Independent Owner Operators with 1-9 trucks.  Coverage for fleets is likewise available for 10 power units or more. Please click Owner Operator Insurance Cincinnati for Cincinnati based truckers, or click Owner Operator Insurance Ohio if you are based elsewhere in Ohio.

If you are in a state other than Ohio simply click Owner Operator Insurance Quotes to obtain quotes for one vehicle and above.

Obtaining good rates on Owner Operator Insurance is based on a number of factors that include the number of years you have been in operation, your radius of operation, the value of your power units if you require physical damage coverage, the age of your drivers, number of years they have had their CDL license, what is on the driving record of your hired drivers including any safety violations, and cargo transported.

In addition, insurance underwriting companies have access to a variety of reports they can review to determine the safety violation records of your company, the number of power units and drivers your company has declared, Credit, and MVR reports.

Too many safety violations or a discrepancy in the number of drivers listed under your DOT number and what you have requested for new insurance quotes can raise a red flag with underwriters that may cause you to be rated or declined by insurance companies.

Example: Toby Smith (Name has been changed) contacted our company requesting quotes on Owner Operator Insurance in Cincinnati for 1 semi-truck and 1 driver.

Toby provided our agent the vehicle information and driver information including his DOT number.  The first step we take is to review the DOT and Safer report. As our agent inputted Toby’s DOT a discrepancy became quickly apparent.

Toby’s DOT account showed 4 power units and 3 drivers, yet Toby requested a quote for only 1 driver and 1 power unit and he requested coverage as a new business venture.

Because of this discrepancy, a followup call was placed with Toby to learn why he wasn’t asking for quotes on 4 power units and 3 drivers.  The answer given to the agent was vague and evasive.   As an agency, we informed Toby we could not provide quotes until a satisfactory answer was given on why he was requesting quotes on only 1 power unit and driver when the DOT has 4 units and 3 drivers listed.

Why would we decline to provide quotes for truckers that are vague and evasive in their answers to underwriting questions?

It is the same reason why insurance companies will refuse to quote or bind coverage – something is Rotten in Denmark as the old saying goes!  If an insurance company has issued Federal Filings for a Motor Carrier and said Motor Carrier is deliberately hiding vehicles from the insurance company to minimize their premium rates, said insurer could be held liable to pay a claim on a vehicle never listed on their policy, one they never collected a premium for.

So for this reason when information found on a Motor Carriers DOT does not match up with a truckers quote request, quotes and coverage will be declined by insurance underwriters.  Make sense?

To review your current DOT click this link, Review My DOT to see what is listed. 

Remember, if you are searching for better deals on Owner Operator Insurance in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas call us at 513-662-7000, Chat with us, or click  Owner Operator Insurance Cincinnati for Cincinnati based truckers, or click Owner Operator Insurance Ohio for those located outside of Cincinnati to send us your online rate quote request.

Tow Truck Insurance Cincinnati – Don’t Make This Mistake!

Tow Truck Insurance in Cincinnati and elsewhere is expensive and what can make the price even more is when Tow Company owners make some of the following mistakes we will discuss.  

Before we get into the story, if you need Tow Truck Insurance in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas click the link Tow Truck Insurance Cincinnati, or Tow Truck Insurance Ohio for outside the greater Cincinnati area.

Jimmy Joseph works at a local brewery and on the side he works on the weekend at the race track hauling off wrecked and disabled cars that have blown their engines.

Jimmy gets a call from Roscoe, the GM at the race track that he needs a certificate of insurance on his wrecker to keep his weekend job.

Jimmy has no idea what that is so he calls his agent to get a certificate of insurance. Jimmy’s agent is named Andy and he explains that a certificate of insurance is provided by a commercial auto policy and since Jimmy doesn’t have a commercial policy he is curious why he needs one on his Ford?

Jimmy, thinking nothing of the matter tells him his Ford has been converted to a wrecker and he makes money on the side hauling disabled and wrecked vehicles at the race track.  Andy tells Jimmy he can’t send a certificate of insurance because the policy he has is not a commercial auto policy he would really need.

Andy tells Jimmy, “I can work some quotes up for you, want me to do that?”  “Sure no problem, it can’t be more than I’m paying right now, right Andy?” Jimmy replies.

“Well I’m not quite sure Jimmy writing tow truck policies is not something we do on a normal basis but I’ll check it out OK?”

“Get back to me when you can Andy I’m counting on you buddy.” Jimmy hangs up after saying goodbye and doesn’t really give it a second thought.

Two days later Andy gives Jimmy a call to give them the bad news.  “Jimmy it doesn’t look like our company offers tow truck insurance so you have to call different agent to see what they can do for you, I apologize but that’s just not a line of business that my company wants to offer.”  Andy hesitates a moment and then continues.

“Hey and I’ve got some other bad news we need to take that Ford off your personal car insurance policy right away because when I call my underwriter about the tow truck insurance he asked what was the customer name and he looked up your policy and found out that your truck is on the personal policy so he’s going to cancel your whole policy unless I take it off.” 

“When do you mean they’re going to cancel my policy?” Jimmy demands. “I’ve been with your company for eight years, doesn’t that mean anything?”

Well not really Jimmy,” Andy continues. “You see that’s really a commercial vehicle even though it’s on a regular truck, in your personal auto policy was never intended to cover a commercial exposure and so because the risk is a lot more for the company of a claim, it really belongs on a commercial auto policy. My hands are tied Jimmy, we need to get that truck removed today or he’s gonna cancel your entire policy.”

Jimmy is now very unhappy getting this news from Andy, Andy  asks Jimmy not to shoot the messenger (himself) and Jimmy promises to call Andy back as soon as he’s got coverage.

We will pick up what happens next to Jimmy by reading the next post, please click Cincinnati Tow Truck Insurance.

Auto Insurance Cincinnati – How to Tell Who Offers the Best Options

When customers are shopping for Auto Insurance in Cincinnati they are presented with a number of different options from a large number of different insurance underwriters. So that begs the question: who has the best rates?  If you were to believe television advertisements that run nonstop you might be influenced to think that major insurance companies, known as big-box insurance companies, have the best prices since they advertise so much on TV.

However, shopping for better rates on Auto Insurance in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas is best pursued by working with an independent agency like Pathway Insurance. 

Why?  Because it is impossible for any one single company to have the best rates for Car Insurance in Cincinnati for every particular circumstance. It is often forgotten that Insurance Companies are for profit enterprises and their objective is to make money. How do insurance companies make money? It’s very simple, they pay out in claims less than they take are taking in also taking into consideration general overhead expenses. 

Because of this fact insurance companies have developed underwriting standards that fit their preferred type of business they desire to  sell. For instance some companies focus on drivers over the age of 50, other companies focus on high risk drivers, and still other companies focus on those who have the best credit score, and there are companies that only focus on drivers with a spotless claim and driving record. 

Many companies take a combination of all the things we mentioned that fits the bill of their preferred customer. There isn’t a single company that advertise on television that can meet the criteria of offering the best priced solutions for Car Insurance in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, it simply isn’t possible because companies have attempted to be all things to all people and they have failed miserably.

Example In the last 10 years we have represented a number of insurance carriers that had come out with a new car insurance programs that would accept preferred customers all the way up to high risk customers under the same auto program. High risk customers means those with multiple tickets and accidents, lack of insurance, or the need for SR 22 filings.

In every single case the companies lost money when they attempted to be all things to all people and drivers. What we have learned is that it is best to work with an independent agency that offers insurance from a number of companies selling Car Insurance in Cincinnati. So forget the TV commercials and call us. 

As a broker we do business all across United States and while it is true our home office is located in Blue Ash Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, we can help most based on the large number of carriers we represent.  So if you need quotes feel free to use our online rater and in 5 minutes or less you will find companies bidding for your business.

Online Rate Quotes Available for Personal Insurance 24/7

Click on Auto Insurance in Cincinnati for quotes on great prices on car insurance 24 hours per day. Choose Homeowners Insurance Cincinnati or Business Insurance Cincinnati and we will shop the market for the best coverage and prices available for your needs. 

We offer sound insurance solutions for most any type of business or personal insurance need in our territories. Remember, for quotes around the clock click Auto Insurance Cincinnati or Auto Insurance Quotes for all other areas or give us a call during business hours at 513-662-7000.

Why Choose Our Agency? 

As a leading independent agency in Ohio we can help you find the best options available no matter if you are looking for great rates or better coverage. 

Something equally important is the service you receive from your agency.   

Often when consumers look for cheap Car Insurance in Cincinnati Ohio you get what you pay for! 

Bad claims service, coverage, or bad advice! (Or all three in combination) 

We Offer Unique and Innovative Services for Clients

Every agency or company claims they provide good customer service. Returning a telephone call or speaking in a courteous way is what many insurance companies or agencies consider good customer service.

We believe good customer service is going above and beyond what is expected! ™

Please note 4 unique and beneficial services we offer clients:

  • Claims Advocacy Program
  • Pathway Coverage Checklist
  • Pathway Protection Letter
  • Re-Shopping Service

For more information on the above services click on the individual links and you’ll learn how these services can save you money, or prevent a claim denial from an insurance company!

What Is Better, a Cheap Price or Good Coverage Advice?

That’s a great question is it not?

The insurance buying public is bombarded by a constant stream of television and Internet messages that talk about how much money you’re overpaying on insurance and how that company can help you save money!

What most companies do not talk about is how a properly structured insurance plan can save you financially!

Save You Money or Save You Financially?

Which would you choose if a catastrophic claim occurred?

Most consumers if properly educated would choose to invest a little more to protect your financial assets, versus saving a buck or two.

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