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If you are looking for any type of insurance in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, or Indiana contact the experts at Pathway Insurance. 

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Click on Auto Insurance in Cincinnati for the best prices on car insurance quotes 24 hours per day choose Homeowners Insurance Cincinnati, or Business Insurance Cincinnati and we will shop the market for the best coverage and prices for your needs. 

We offer sound insurance solutions for any type of business or personal insurance need in our state territories.

Why Choose Our Agency? 

As a leading independent agency in Ohio we can help you find the best options no matter if you are looking for great rates, or better coverage. 

Something equally important is the service you receive from your agency.   

Often when consumers look for cheap car insurance in Cincinnati Ohio you get what you pay for! 

Bad claims service, coverage, or bad advice! (Or all three in combination) 

We Offer Unique and Innovative Services for Clients

Every agency or company claims they provide good customer service. Returning a telephone call or speaking in a courteous way is what many insurance companies or agencies consider good customer service.

We believe good customer service is going above and beyond what is expected! ™

Please note 4 unique and beneficial services we offer clients:

  • Claims Advocacy Program
  • Pathway Coverage Checklist
  • Pathway Protection Letter
  • Re-Shopping Service

For more information on the above services click on the individual links and you’ll learn how these services can save you money, or prevent a claim denial from an insurance company!

What Is Better, a Cheap Price or Good Coverage Advice?

That’s a great question is it not?

The insurance buying public is bombarded by a constant stream of television and Internet messages that talk about how much money you’re overpaying on insurance and how that company can help you save money!

What most companies do not talk about is how a properly structured insurance plan can save you financially!

Save You Money or Save You Financially?

Which would you choose if a catastrophic claim occurred?

Most consumers if properly educated would choose to invest a little more to protect your financial assets, versus saving a buck or two.

Call us today when looking for better options on your insurance. Our office number is 513-662-7000 or toll free 800-998-0662.


Out Independent agency can help you save money and improve coverage!


Insurance is far more complicated than the price we pay.™ We are Experts!


We offer the Pathway Protection letter, Claims Advocacy Program, & Coverage Checklist!

Our Clients Say It Best:

Jack and his staff were knowledgeable, friendly and the service was above what we expected.Debbie Boehm
Pathway Insurance Inc.


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